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Sweeney Loan Company

310 Main
McKay Company / 1911

Sweeney Loan Office was founded by its namesake, J. J. Sweeney, in 1875. The owner sold the business to an A. D. Spencer in February of 1910 and it underwent a slight name change to Sweeney Loan Company.

I found a faded Houston Post article that contains the following details:


Sold to A. D. Spencer for Consideration of $75,000.
The business of the Sweeney Loan Office, which has been carried on for the past thirty-six years by J. J. Sweeney, has been transferred to A. D. Spencer of Houston. The purchase price was $75,000.

Mr. Spencer is well known in Houston in a business way, and his name carries with it assurance of the reliability of the new management.

Houston Post, February 1910
Houston Post / August 1910

Greatest diamond bargain in Houston history? Sign me up.

This building, and most of this block as you can see, is still standing today. An impressive number of the buildings still exist and even some of the alleyways perfectly match their 1907 counterparts.