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Colored High School

Lower 11th grade / 1911
Unknown subjects except for the lady in the front center – Mae Smith

Built in 1893, Colored High School was originally located in Houston’s Freedmen’s Town at 303 San Felipe (W. Dallas).

6th grade / 1905
Pinkie Yates, daughter of Reverend John Henry “Jack” Yates, is the teacher standing on the left

Until the construction of Yates and Wheatley high schools in 1926 and 1927, respectively, Colored High was the only secondary school for Houston’s Black teenagers. The school was renamed to Booker T. Washington High School in 1928 and moved to its current 4204 Yale location in 1959.

1896 Sanborn Map showing the location of Colored High School in Freedmen’s Town
1896 Sanborn map clipping overlaying a modern day Google Earth screenshot
Colored High School Teachers / 1905

Notable persons: Left, top row – W. L. D. Johnson / Far right, middle – Richard Locket
Right, top row – James D. Ryan (future principal of Yates High School)
Right, middle woman is Pinkie Yates (daughter of Rev. John Henry “Jack” Yates)

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