Grand Central Station, early 1900s

Unknown photographer / Washington Avenue between 7th and 8th streets

The Grand Central Station seen in the photo was built in 1887 and located on Washington Avenue between 7th and 8th streets. Grand Central Station went through several renditions until being permanently demolished in 1959 in lieu of Houston’s Downtown USPS office.

In 1984, the Downtown USPS office was renamed for Congresswoman, Barbara Jordan and remained in service for more than 30 additional years. In 2015 the Barbara Jordan USPS office was closed and redeveloped into POST Houston, a cultural, retail, and entertainment center.

Regarding the original location of Grand Central Station, 7th and 8th streets were later named Stevers and Melnar, respectively. Today, they no longer exist due to the construction of I45 and I10.

In the photo above, the Brazos Hotel, built in 1906, can be seen on the left. Below are clippings of 1907 and 1924 Sanborn maps, showing the location of the Brazos Hotel and Grand Central Station.

1907 Sanborn Clipping
1924 Sanborn Clipping
Note the renaming of 6th, 7th, and 8th streets
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