Wall & Stabe Co. Undertakers

McKay Company Commercial Photography / 1911
Location: 1101 Fannin

At the time of this photo, Wall & Stabe had only been at the Fannin St location for a little less than 2 years. The establishment seen in the photo was completed in summer of 1909. The business was previously located at the corner of San Jacinto and Prairie streets.

In the 1907 Sanborn Map clippings below, Wall & Stabe were still located at the Prairie and San Jacinto. However, I also attached a clipping (from the same year) of where they would eventually relocate.

1907 Sanborn clipping showing the future (as of the time of this map) location of Wall & Stabe (1101 Fannin)
1907 Sanborn clipping showing the Prairie & San Jacinto location of Wall & Stabe
(Note the “undertkr” label)
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